1. Please, please, please, stop using the term ‘Dark Ages’. It is inaccurate and outdated, a term modern scholars no longer use. It leaves me wondering about your attitude to this period, and how biased your account is.

    1. It’s a commonly used term in pop culture, Anne. And before you accuse me of inaccuracy, please listen to my show. I think that, even with major documentaries, you’d be hard pressed to find the level of detail and nuance that I offer for this period.

    2. I actually really like the term Dark Ages. It’s still a term used for a period of Greece’s ancient history, if not so much of post-Roman Western Europe’s. It’s true that it’s an unusual term compared to most other current ones – most are based on sections of time: ancient, middle, modern. But there are good reasons for its use. I think sometimes archeologists want to say “There is just as much evidence during this period as those before or after it”. But the same isn’t true of historical documents, and that’s where the term originated. It’s also arguable that darker deeds were done in this time than the periods before and after – that there was a loss of ‘civilisation’, which was then only slowly recovered. There is a slant to this, but then there is a slant to the opposition to it, much of which seems to be politically correct and based on a false even-handedness towards different historical periods.

  2. Epic promo man! I’m slowly getting through your episodes and I really appreciate the effort and detail you put into each one. You’ve done a great job so far and I’m sure it only gets better from here. Cheers.

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