1. We lived in a small hamlet in France for a few years and there was a communal outdoor bread oven. Of coarse, this one didn’t go back to ‘Dark Age’ times, but I wonder if they didn’t use similar ovens back then, especially later on. I mean, how much difference can there be?

    ps, I tried to enclose a picture but I guess this page doesn’t allow it….

  2. Hello! I’m Spanish and my English is not so advanced. I’ve listened this fabulous podcast and I’m really interested in knowing the whole of it. However, I can’t understand everything. Please, can you let me read the transcripcion? It would really very useful for me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Susana, I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the show! Transcriptions are available to Members for all the episodes, if you’re interested in becoming a member just click “Become a member” at the top of the screen.

      1. I am not seeing the transcript for this particular episode (#51). I am a member and have had no problem accessing the others. This one just has a 1-sentence description.

        1. Ah, I see the issue. What happened with this episode is that I compiled a bunch of different episodes into a single combo episode, but I didn’t add the scripts for all those various episodes. It should be up there now.

        2. Thank you very much. I keep learning English and I would really appreciate your scripts. That episode is my favourite one!

        3. Thank you very much. I keep learning English and I would really appreciate the scripts. That episode is my favourite one! I hope Jamie finds the scripts and posts from that combo. And I’d be pleased if he decided to do more episodes about culture and domestic history.

        4. The script should be up there now. And the culture episodes are my favorites as well. Iā€™ve been trying to make sure cultural stuff is mixed in to the political episodes, but I have a few bigger topics that I want to cover in the future so stay tuned. :)

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