1. I really enjoy your podcasts, and I am learning so much about this era of history. In fact, I used to avoid the Roman era, but this has made it very accessible for me. The only comment I have on this podcast is that you mentioned that Constantine, soon after Milvan Bridge, was a newly baptized Christian. This is inaccurate. He indeed became a protector of the Church, and gradually gave it more and more favors. But he was not baptized until about 9 days before his death. He thought that he could not carry out the duties of state – in all its gore – and be baptized. So, he waited. In his last days, he lived in the actual church building, wearing his baptismal robes, and forsaking the ambiguous duties of a secular ruler. This is one of the reasons, in addition to his protection, that he is counted as one of the saints of the Roman and Orthodox Churches.

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