77 – Cliques: How the In Crowd Created Our Culture

Ok, when we last left off, we were talking about a new class of elites in sub-roman britain. A group of individuals we identify as anglo saxons and kings, and we also mentioned the class of nobles that was growing up around them. We also talked about how that change, the increase in social stratification, might have come about.

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  1. Until the last couple of episodes, no peoples were referred to as Britains. So, why is there all of a sudden Britains? Who are they and why are they British?

    1. I suspect he is calling them ‘Britons’ as being the race of people that were comprised of the natives / Roman-british?

  2. Jamie,

    I have a doubt. In this podcast you mentioned that people living in Eastern Northern England were being influenced by…Norway? How could that be? Norway was struck by the plague in the 6th century, with hundreds of farms being depopulated. Most were repopulated in the 7th century, which also saw the construction of several fishing hamlets and a boom in trade of iron and soapstone across the North Sea. As far as I understand it, we are still dealing with the 6th not the 7th century. So my question is, how could Norway influence anywhere in England when going through a really tough and chaotic time?
    Any suggestions?

  3. Can you give an example of how historians know about knock offs or what your source was for this? I realize i’m six years late to the party, but hoping someone is still reading this :)

    1. Archaeologists are the ones who do that work. They’re able to identify differences between genuine and knock off products. It’s pretty neat stuff. :)

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