358 – King Harthacnut

Today’s story starts in 1039. It’s a big year, and a lot has happened to get us here. So let’s recap very quickly.

The death of Cnut caused a cascade of consequences that reached up to the tip of Scotland and even into the continent. It was an empire crumbling just as it had been born, and the kingdoms with in it (and neighboring it) were undergoing a rapid series of changes as Cnut’s empire came crashing down.

356 – Macbeth

Here is the story of Macbeth. If you have just tuned into this episode because of the title, know that it is the second episode in a two-part series. You will want to go to the previous episode, Double Double Toil and Trouble, and listen to that first. There you will learn about the peculiar region that spawned this shadowy highland King.

Since some very angry people are accusing me of lying in my intro, here are my receipts.

I don’t lie. Furthermore, I was just explaining why the episode was delayed. These are all real things that have happened, they are having a real impact on the lives of the people who live in Portland, and if you feel attacked by this then maybe reassess who you’re aligned with.

Because this has been messed up.

And since I’ve had some people claim that BLM are the real problem… here’s something I wrote regarding the protests against police violence, and appalling degree of police violence the city has experienced as a result.

The issue is a lot more complicated than the soundbites you’re getting on cable news.

354 – The West, after Cnut

The death of Cnut and the fall of his near-Empire would obviously have impacts on his own dynasty. But while Harold was trying to secure England, Emma was trying to regain power, and poor Edward was trying to stay out of the whole mess, the political tsunami was roaring over the shores of the Irish Sea.

And I guess the best place to start is in a region we haven’t heard much from lately. Wales.