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284 – AEthelstan the Victorious Play in new window | DownloadLast week, we ended with King AEthelstan’s aggression towards Kingdoms of Wales and Cornwall. We don’t know precisely what occurred, or why AEthelstan demanded crippling tributes from the Welsh and then violently expelled or executed the Cornish of Exeter. But whatever the reason, AEthelstan’s actions echoed through history. In fact, the Welsh border that… Read more →

283 – The Kingdoms of the Foreigners Play in new window | DownloadImagine that you went from being a disfavored bastard with little power, to the most powerful English king that had ever existed, in the space of just a few years. That you went from being functionally orphaned and shunted off to Mercia, to being so powerful that continental rulers were seeking your support and… Read more →

282 – How To Win Friends and Influence Jorvik Play in new window | DownloadAEthelstan had completed his annexation of Jorvik, and in doing so he had outperformed every last one of his predecessors, including his grandfather, Alfred the Great. But there were a few loose ends that he still needed to knot up. And as he watched the defenses of Jorvik burn and dolled out Jorvik’s wealth… Read more →

281 – England Play in new window | DownloadThe last couple of episodes have focused on the political tools that AEthelstan had at his disposal. Marriage alliances, fostering, dynastic cults and diplomatic entreaties were all powerful pieces moving on a huge dark age chess board. And the thing I want you to realize about these things is first, that they took time.… Read more →

280 – King AEthelstan’s Love Life Play in new window | DownloadWhat is a King’s most important duty? Is it the defense of the realm? Or perhaps the growth of the kingdom’s borders? What about developing the economy? Fostering strong diplomatic alliances? Shepherding the souls of his subjects to Christ? How about just keeping his subjects happy and healthy? When it comes down to it,… Read more →

279 – Dynastic Cults Play in new window | DownloadWant to know something strange? When Edward died, the Irish annals said nothing. Not a mention about his death, nor the circumstances of it. And it’s not like the Irish Annals were disinterested with what was happening in the Anglo Saxon kingdoms. After all, they’re the source for our story about AEthelflaed’s defense of… Read more →

278 – The Thunderbolt Play in new window | DownloadThere’s a dirty secret to history podcasts, and it only becomes clear when you actually start one. The truth is that many people will SAY that they want to learn something new, and hear new stories and hear new facts. But every time, without fail, the most popular episodes – and the most popular… Read more →

277 – King AEthelstan: Say Yes to the Dress Play in new window | DownloadIt’s important to hit the ground running when you start a new job. Especially if it is one that carries a lot of responsibility. When you’re new, people are often trying to work out who you are and how you’ll fit into the system, and the best way to put people at ease is… Read more →

276 – The Bastard Rebel King Play in new window | DownloadThe story of Edward is one of contradictions. There’s something about his rule that seems … complicated and requiring more nuance than many of our earlier rulers. Here we have a King that did what must have seemed impossible… he began his rule holding dominion over Wessex and Kent. Huge portions of his kingdom… Read more →