16 – Bonus Birthday Episode on the Celts!

So it’s my birthday this weekend, and so I’m not doing one of my gigantic episodes. However, I thought I’d give you all a present (especially since we now have 500 members on the facebook page) and give you a sneak peak at the members-only content I’m putting together. So here’s the first part of the Early Origins – Celts. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I was wondering if you could provide a source for the pre-Roman roads? I’d like to learn more about them.

    1. I don’t know if there’s a comprehensive history of roads prior to the rise of Rome. Part of that is because it’s just part of what the world was. It’s possible there’s a book on this subject, but it’s a bit like looking for “trees in the pre-roman period.”

      I know that Russell Crowe said the Rome is the Light, and that’s definitely part of the popular myth of Rome, but Rome didn’t invent roads. Nor did they invent transportation, trade, travel, land, etc.

      1. Perhaps I should make it more specific and narrow it down and request Celtic roads. Ether way thanks for answering back, big fan of the podcast.

        1. Narrowing it down doesn’t really solve your problem all that much. It’s basically like doing this…

          “I want a book about trees in the pre-roman period.”
          “I don’t know if there’s a book on that subject.”
          “Ok, I’ll narrow it down. I’d like to know about conifers in the pre-roman period.”

          I mean, your best bet is probably to search JSTOR and hope someone put together an article. But as far as an accessible book on roads in pre-Roman britain… I haven’t seen any books on it. That’s pretty niche, and roads are something we’ve done as a species ever since we’ve regularly traveled over a route, which is pretty much forever. I mean, prehistoric civilizations had trade routes, you don’t think they had roads too?

  2. Jamie, I’ve heard the term ‘culture’ used many times in reference to pre-historic peoples. Could you elaborate on what exactly the term ‘culture’ refers to? I’ve never really understood what it means in that context. Ethnicity, race, religion, technology, art, a combination of all?

    1. “Culture” is defined anthropologically as a set of common beliefs,values, and customs–in other words, what holds a society together. Archaeologically, it is looked for via “material culture,” the things that are left behind, such as pottery. It is assumed that people who share a material culture share a set of norms, or a common culture.

  3. Loving the podcast… I have been Binge-listening since 12/30/17… stayed up way too late listening! Good job, and Happy New Year From Canada!

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