24 – Another British Empire

This time Carausius is going to try his hand at this empire thing and see if he can do better than Albinus and Postumus.

(History of Britain, History of England, History of Wales, History of Scotland, Celtic History, Roman History)

Lets talk about Diocletian really quick.

Diocletian had claimed that he was divinely appointed by Jupiter and that he was essentially the hand of Jupiter on earth. Members know that this might not have been shocking to the Ancient Celts, since many of their chiefs and monarchs likely had also claimed divine appointment. But this divinity thing was certainly shocking for Rome. So why do it?

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  1. Really enjoying the podcasts – thanks.

    Divine inspiration or even being descended from the gods was, according to my reading, not actually that strange for the Romans, even going back as far as the Republic. Many of the Patrican families claimed it and notables such as Sulla and Caesar used it. The Imperial Family was pretty much its own pantheon by this time as well.

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