29 – An End to Prosperity

Our luck could only hold out so long. And now Britannia is getting a taste of what the rest of the Empire had already come to know.

Here’s a bust of Constantius II.

(History of Britain, History of England, History of Wales, History of Scotland, Celtic History, Roman History)

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  1. I simply can’t stand your arrogant, know-it-all, biased, trying-super-hard-to-be-hipster-cool attitude in these podcasts, and I’m simply going to have to stop here and find another.

  2. I simply enjoy your unarrogant, knowledgeable, (I can’t say you’re unbiased because you are but your forthright about the nature of your bias which is more than most people can say, cool attitude in these podcasts, and I’m simply going to have to continue listening and not find another.

  3. i think the term catholic anachronistic until there is a proper split between the west and east churches …the 381 constantinople council? [with the business of the h spirit proceeding from the son added by the roman latin church? -if it was then ] i think.

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