17 – Advancement and Occupation

Rome is going to start expanding her borders. Why? Because why not? Well, it’s actually a little more complicated than that, and we’re going to get into it in this episode. Consequently, Emperor Antoninus will build his own wall in Britain far beyond Emperor Hadrian’s Wall. These Romans were nothing if not competitive. We will have to see what the people of Britain think of this.

A bust of Antoninus Pius from the MET in NYC.

(History of Britain, History of England, History of Wales, History of Scotland, Celtic History, Roman History)

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  1. You mentioned Horrible Histories at the beginning of this episode. I have to say I LOVE these books, and there is also a TV show with 5 seasons that is just great, I absolutely love it, and I have my university degree in History, that should give some idea of the quality. You can watch them on Youtube as well. Thanks for doing these, I have been enjoying listening to them while I work :)

  2. Jamie. So imagine if rapport, trust and local trade grows between the Romans of Hadrian’s Wall and those in the area north of it. Trusted people on either side would be given a ‘pass’ to cross from north to south a vice versa, paying in tax or kind. These bees around a honeypot might over time feel different from and threatened by those farther north who had zero contact with the south or the Romans. The leaders of these people offer labour to help build the wall in return for the Romans to make it happen. The Romans benefit by having to defend a shorter border, with a wall built by free labour. The inhabitants of this new Roman land get all their previous benefits while getting protection from their northern neighbours. ?

  3. My question is Jamie: why did the Antonine wall take so long to build if it was half the size of the Antonine Wall? It took more than double the time it took to build the Hadrian’s Wall. Is it because it was farther north and there were a larger amount of hostilities?

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