78 – It’s Only Natural

I’m going to wrap up the discussion of the development of regional cultures with a talk on an omnipresent (yet often ignored) influence on all of human development. This subject is often ignored in most disciplines, and it is definitely undervalued (unfairly) in many treatises on history. I speak, of course, of Nature.

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  1. Yes, even though humans are shaping nature now, it was nature that shaped us first

  2. I’m playing catch up with your podcasts and got as far as this one this morning, short but sweet. This is probably the most interesting/thought provoking of your episodes so far IMO.

    The concept of natural “islands” isolating cultural memes and leading to the evolution of cultural identity, and even “ethnic” identity and ultimately nationhood, is fascinating. It strikes me as analogous to the process of speciation in genetics and a worthy field of research in itself. Someone get Steven Pinker to write a book!

  3. The more of these I listen to the less original George RR Martin seems…winter is coming

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