55 – Anglo Saxon Construction

OK, So I had requests for an episode on construction. I actually had a surprising number of requests for it, actually. So we’re going to do a single episode on how things were built, and since we’ve been talking about feasts, we’ll talk about… of course… feasting halls.

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  1. Just listened to this episode today and found it absolutely fascinating.

    Also, while I grit my teeth on the occasional shots at the Church in your very fine podcast, I’m relieved to find a public discussion of the Middle Ages that doesn’t assume that everyone in them was living like a character in Shrek. These ages are in part “dark” because the folks who come after any one era always assume that those in the immediately preceding era were amusing rustics. Pretty much how we’ll be perceived, I’m sure in 50 to 100 years.

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the cultural shift the tone has taken. And i love your 50 years example. I might have to steal it. :)

      Im sorry you feel you have to grit your teeth at times though. You know, I’ve read the bible multiple times and really like Jesus’ style. I think I would have really liked him and would have wanted to hang out with him pretty much all the time. His views and actions were pretty much in line with mine. At least how I aspire to be. ;) He seems like he was my kind of person. A total hippy. And how could I not love that?

      So the thing is that sometimes, when I take a shot at the church, it’s because something absurd is happening like the fires or the monk orgies. But in general, I typically only rankle and get snarky when the church deviates wildly from the rather outstanding example Jesus established. I’m not Christian, but I really like the teachings of Jesus and it drives me nuts whenever the church had ignored vast portions of what he said and instead focused on expanding power and control.

      So I’m not against Jesus. I think he was pretty great. I just take issue with some of the things done in his name. Does that help at all?

      1. Jaime
        You talk of Jesus as if he was a real person. I’m presuming you don’t really hold that view.
        Loving the podcast by the way, shall be joining soon.

        Gary (northern England).

  2. this area of your podcasts is melding nicely with the opening episodes of netflix black spot season 2 :) with roman legionaries tramping round gaul stealing gallic ritual treasure saying thing like ‘ come on, do you want to live in the tanners district when you get back to rome?’ he he

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