368 – Move or You Will Be Moved: Part 3

“O happy earl, in bairns and forebears blessed
Siring four guarantors of England’s peace.
First, Edith, gem-link on the kingdom’s brest,
All virtues’ friend, fit daughter for the earl,
Her sire, and also her spouse, the king;
By her advice peace wraps the kingdom round
And Keeps mankind from breaking pacts of peace.
Thus from your single fount, O Paradise,
You part in secret water for all lands,
Four ample streams to stir the earth’s recess
And nourish the estate of men and beasts.
Themselves they loudly praise, born from one womb,
Issue of various kind, unlike in birth,
In flesh and voice, place, space, and time and motion.
The one part mounts the skies, to heaven twined,
And tends to its race’s hope in tree-top nest.
The other, gulping monster, seeks the depths,
Attacks its root and mouths the parent trunk,
And holds, until, as doomed, the breath of life
Creates a creature from a lifeless dam;
And losing grip, pursues again its prey.
O happy world, if each would keep its course
And water its own lands, with pacts observed,
As the celestial order has ordained!
The shining lilies will delight the fields,
The caper gild the plain with golden curls,
The spring adorn the meads with privet’s gleam,
The giant oaks, with gloomy eyes, survey
The lands laid out, the kingdoms overcome.
When bees in swarms across the honeyed hills
And meadows feed, you, ant, your labour done,
Secure in your own homes, will nothing fear.
But if malignant envy break this pact
By revolution, O what ruin comes!
The wretched world again old Chaos keeps;
High cypresses with roots torn out will plunge,
The lofty pines crash down with broken tops,
Tall cedar, branches drooping round, will fall
With all those riches cherished at its heart.
Thus Madness on ungrateful lands will help
The bounty looted in the hostile towns.”


  1. Is there a picture of this coin anywhere? My google-fu is turning up a bunch of weird stuff. :-/

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