349 – AElfgifu’s Tale

Successful Kings don’t rule alone. This is especially true for Kings with as much going on as Cnut.

And one of Cnut’s most influential right-hand men was actually his Queen. And Emma was more than just an advisor. She was wielding considerable power in her own right, power that likely expanded every time Cnut journeyed out of England.

But Queen Emma wasn’t Cnut’s only wife.

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  1. i can kinda see similarities between cnut and charlemagne especially at this point of cnuts career where he has established himself as one the greatest kings in the history of europe and is settling the succession in the same germanic tradition of the old frankish empire now i dont want to give anything away but was the fall of this north see empire inevitable or cnut could have binded england to Scandinavia ? and imagine if that had happened amd the normans didnt conquer england anyway im getting in a tangent. what do you think jamie ?

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