328 – The St Brice’s Day Massacre

The year 1002 was still 64 years away from 1066, but The House of Normandy had already begun a coup upon the Kingdom of England. The dynasty held only a minor Duchy, and for a fairly short amount of time, as it was only Duke Richard’s great grandfather Rollo who had established it. And in that time, there had been multiple points where it looked like the family would be ousted from even these comparatively minor holdings. Over the generations, the dynasty faced off with numerous powerful enemies: Flanders, England, and even the throne of France beefed with the Dukes of Normandy. And with such formidable enemies, it wouldn’t have been surprising if the Normans had faded into a footnote in history.

But they didn’t. And part of the reason for that is that they didn’t just have powerful enemies. They also had powerful allies. Scandinavain allies. And the Dukes knew how to wield them.

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