326 – The Year 1000

It’s so easy to lose the forest for the trees. This show is a show about one small island which, even at this part of the story, is still at the edge of civilization. It is very easy to forget that there is a whole other world out there… and, it is a world that keeps turning and the events that are happening at this point in history all over the world shaped who we are today.

It’s the year 1000. And before we return to our story, we are going to check in briefly with the rest of the world. What follows isn’t comprehensive, but it is intended to help place the events of our story in the context of the bigger, human, story.

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  1. Surprising you didn’t mention any events in China.
    Meanwhile, in 992 in Brittany, Conan I had died in battle defending the Duchy against his brother-in-law Fulk Nerra, Count of Anjou. Conan is important, not least because his daughter Judith was the wife of Duke Richard II of Normandy and the mother of his heirs.
    Conan’s son Geoffrey had married Richard II’s sister Hawise, initiating the marital alliance between the ducal houses of Brittany and Normandy, the ramifications of which would be pivotal to events in both France and England for the next 500 years.
    Duke Geoffrey’s and Duchess Hawise’s children – Adela, Alan, Ewen and Eudon – were born shortly before the year 1000. Looking ahead, in 1008 Geoffrey was killed in an accidental confrontation with a peasant woman, and subsequently his children were raised by Hawise and her brother Duke Richard II.
    The Breton ducal siblings were thus older maternal first cousins of King Edward the Confessor and double-cousins to Duke Robert of Normandy. They were powerful rivals and valuable allies to the Dukes of Normandy and Counts of Anjou.

  2. And China? By the year 1000 it had been 40 years since the unification of the country under the Song. It was the most populated, most advanced, and most everything. So, not mentioning the Middle Kingdom, it’s a big no, no!!!
    What happened?

  3. It was the most …. blah, blah, blah… (fragment, unfinished sentence …) country in the world. Gosh!

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