310 – Political Theater

Human beings can’t really be summed up in a nickname. Usually we are more complicated than a word or two. And sometimes, the nickname just doesn’t reflect reality. If you take  Edward the Elder, for example, the name probably conjures up an image of Gandalf. But Edward was only in his early 50’s when he died.

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  1. Really appreciate the work you do – but again, in subtle ways, you once again show your prejudices – It takes about 2 weeks to get the nuts and bolts of a daily Latin Liturgy – about.a month when hearing it weekly – same as any other language – so you spend a bit of time trashing medieval liturgical customs (the Latin Mass) which in the pertain not a whit to your overall point – the 3 dialects – Northumbria, Wessex, and East Anglian – are of far more substance to the discussion at hand. Any grafde schooler can learn the parts of bte Latin Mass in a matter of weeks. What has this to do with your main point?

    1. Well, I guess you should build a time machine, go back, and teach the public. Because as far as we can tell, the lay public wasn’t speaking Latin.

      And acknowledging that fact isnt a sign of prejudice.

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