296 – Darkening Skies

It begins in France.

The struggle for power between King Louis IV and Hugh the Great had been raging for quite some time…

When we last visited the continent, , Hugh the Great, King Otto of Germany, Duke William of Normandy, Count Herbert II, and various other supporting characters were allied against King Louis IV, the Archbishop of Rheims, and Count Arnulf of Flanders. In response, King AEthelstan tried to intervene by sending a fleet to support the embattled king… Suddenly King AEthelstan died, and rather than supporting the young French King, the English fleet instead opted to raid the French coast.

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    1. Yeah, I dont know. I mean, it’s not like assassinations weren’t happening, so the fact that he didn’t fall victim to one is interesting.

  1. Great episode! I really loved your use of “the rains of castamere”. As soon as I heard it I knew it wasn’t going to end well for poor king Edmund but least it wasn’t a wedding… could’ve been a lot worse lol

  2. All through the episode I was waiting for you to refer to Hugh and Louis as “Hughie and Louie” …

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