293 – The Beacons are Lit

When we left off, AEthelstan had recently died, Olaf had returned from Dublin and been crowned King of Jorvik (which meant that the Kingdom of Jorvik was back). The English Fyrd was still recovering from the bloodbath at Brunanburh. And the English Navy were currently sailing up and down the French Coast shouting “Liberte, Fraternite, Piracy”

And for the new 18 year old King Edmund, the political problems were only the tip of the iceberg. There were also the personal struggles. The preceding few years had resulted in all of his foster brothers leaving the Court. Which wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the fact that AEthelstan had died, and now the young king was without a father figure and mentor… and all that now remained of his childhood Court was Edmund’s 16 year old brother Eadred. Which meant that, much like Alfred, Edmund was coming into his reign under a cloud of tragedy and abandonment.

Basically, 939 was a tough year.

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  1. You’re so talented at bringing this history to life! I love how you can cause my imagination to swirl with your descriptions of these very real beacons.

  2. I am confused. The battle 2 years earlier had all but wiped out Olafs forces. With them being chased down and butchered by cavalry. So sure England was still rebuilding, but how the hell was Olaf able to gather another such strong force. Who would want to fight for him after such a devastating loss? Shouldn’t Olaf have been in a precarious political state after all this? How many times does a country need to beat your ass before you learn to leave them alone?

  3. Again !?!? Is there a reasonable explanation as to why to anglo saxons were so unbelievably naive ( I am struggling not say stupid) that for what seems to be the millionth time they were taken by surprise by a norse/danish army at night ? Again and again the fall for the norse/danish traps of falls retreat , hiding part of the army in the shadows or ataiking at night and yet still some how the anglo saxons never learn… how is this possible ?

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