289 – Brunanburh

You can’t just go to war.

I mean… I guess you can. But it’s not a good idea.

War takes work. It takes planning. It takes preparation. War, to put it simply, is a pain in the ass. You really have to want it.

And the workload only increases with the number of people involved. You would think that bringing the biggest army would make the task easier… and I’m sure it does make certain things easier, like flanking, reinforcements, enveloping, and that sort of thing.

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  1. There are a lot of different claims to the battle location

    Try having a look at this book. Very informative from a warriors point of view with a look at the resources required for the battle and an interpretation of the numbers involved.
    it also talks about possible targets for the battle.


    Egil’s Saga and Wiliam of Malmesbury are too distant from the time of battle to be credible and the episode cover most of the legends I know.

  2. I admit I’m new to this epoch of British History, but I have listened to all the podcasts up to now…some more than once…and this episode had me on the edge of my seat…Thanks for telling such a dramatic story.

  3. This! This episode and the lead up to it, is just epic!! The way you’ve described it and the music I can clearly see it in my mind! So intense! Tipping all the hats to you!

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