287 – The Conquest of Scotland

For the last six years, AEthelstan had been ruling in a manner that hasn’t been seen in Britain for generations. Beyond being a warlord, or even a King… AEthelstan was acting more like an Emperor. All of the Anglo Saxon territories were annexed into his new Kingdom of England, the Kings of Wales were now mere members of his Court, and he was receiving tributes and gifts from Scotland, Norway, and Frankia. And the next generation of monarchs were living in his Court.

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  1. Jamie – In episode 287 you refer to events in May of 834 — Gotta be an error. What’s the actual date? Thanks. Love BHP.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Love you work!

    However, really hoping you’re going to put in more detail on events in Scotland? Like how Constantine’s reign saw Gaelic spread across the north of what we call Scotland and how the period sees the first use of the terms “Scots” and “Scotland”. Oh and I’d love more on Strathclyde. Important changes are happening in the north too.

    I’m definitely biased, and I find the English history you’re covering fascinating, but this is The British History Podcast after all, not The English History Podcast… :-)

    1. He does the Scotcast to catch up on everything going on in Scotland every now and then since the stories don’t always match that well or something. He stated the reasoning in the Scotcast episodes before. But, he certainly does cover everything from the whole island.

  3. while we’re on pronunciation Dunnottar is pronounced Dun-ot-tar – say it fast.
    Question, do you mean the the Solway? it is currently the southern border of Scotland, but in the 10th century was possibly the southern border of the kingdom of Strathclyde (but the border may have been further north).

  4. Hi! I love the podcast, but for some days I have been unable to listen to it through the app Podcast Addict (which is where I usually listen to it). Do you happen to know why that is? Thank you! :)

    1. Have you contacted their Tech Support? That sounds like it’s an issue with the app, since the feed and the site seem to be working.

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