283 – The Kingdoms of the Foreigners

Imagine that you went from being a disfavored bastard with little power, to the most powerful English king that had ever existed, in the space of just a few years.

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  1. Brilliant! It has so modern connotations that it isn’t hard to see your point. We (humans) are capable of rationalise the most irrational thoughts in order to justify the atrocities we commit against our own species.

    1. Yes, that is the sadness of studying history … seeing the same sad cruelties repeated endlessly.Yuval Harari, the Isaeli medievalist recently (and deservedly!) risen to celebrity status, observed wryly not long ago, “never underestimate the stupidity of humans”.

  2. Thank you for that episode. Being Canadian I, and many of my friends, worry about the political situation in the US at the moment. We’re amazed and dismayed that no one seems to be doing anything to put a stop to the backward slide of rights and freedoms. How are folks are so easily bamboozled by a snake oil salesman. Why can’t they see? It’s Nazi Germany all over again. I’ve been through amusement, shock, anger, and frustration. Now I just despair. The politicians aren’t going to do anything so the only hope is that good folks will get out and vote.

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