282 – How To Win Friends and Influence Jorvik

AEthelstan had completed his annexation of Jorvik, and in doing so he had outperformed every last one of his predecessors, including his grandfather, Alfred the Great. But there were a few loose ends that he still needed to knot up. And as he watched the defenses of Jorvik burn and dolled out Jorvik’s wealth to his loyal men – two of those loose ends, namely his former rivals Guthfrith and Turfrid, slunk away with little more than their lives.

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry to nitpick but “Saxonland” sounds like a weird way to translate “Saxonia”. Something like “Saxony” is more likely.

    The modern German Bundesland of Sachsen is now called “Saxony” in English and “Saxonia” in Latin (see https://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saxonia). Indeed Germans talking English sometimes wrongly call it “Saxionia”.

    Sadly, they never seem to render “Deutschland” as “Germania”.

    1. That’s how the scholars who did the Latin translation converted it, so it would be a bit cheeky if I changed their translation.

      1. Well, given that the Latin for England is “Anglia”, I suppose that makes sense.

        But “Saxonland” still sounds weird. Though not as weird as “Engliey”.

  2. I’ve finally caught up in the main show! Just want to say thanks for making this amazing podcast Jamie, I’m looking forward to all the future episodes!

  3. The Churchill story is the best argument I’ve heard yet for you continuing this thing into World War II and beyond. You should think about that when we get there in 2055.

  4. I wanted to clarify what you said about Bamburgh being named after Bebba. In the limited reading I’ve done, it sounded like Bebba had been identified as a wife of Aethelfrith. Do you have other sources that list her as a wife of Ida instead?

    1. Argh? Did I say that? Shit. I’ll edit the episode to fix it. Sorry about that. Don’t know where my mind was on that one.

      1. No worries. My imagination just started running wild with the possibilities when I heard that. Thanks for checking.

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