279 – Dynastic Cults

Want to know something strange?

When Edward died, the Irish annals said nothing. Not a mention about his death, nor the circumstances of it. And it’s not like the Irish Annals were disinterested with what was happening in the Anglo Saxon kingdoms. After all, they’re the source for our story about AEthelflaed’s defense of Chester. They were so interested that they told us about the bees. And it’s not like the Irish annals didn’t bother to record deaths of Anglo Saxon figures. For example, they recorded the death of Eadwulf of Bamburgh, a man whose biggest accomplishment in the record seems to be that he was the father of Ealdred (the guy who allied with Scotland and fought against Ragnald… and lost).

But the Irish mention his death, and ignore the King of the Anglo Saxons…

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  1. Jamie,
    I think the question you posed at the start of this episode wasn’t satisfactorily answered. I mean, “perspective?” That doesn’t answer the question, at least to me.
    The rest flawless, as usual.

    1. That’s because it wasn’t a question. It was a statement. ;)

      Have another listen. I’m not asking what perspective is. I’m making the statement that it’s important to keep the scribe’s perspective in mind.

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