277 – King AEthelstan: Say Yes to the Dress

It’s important to hit the ground running when you start a new job. Especially if it is one that carries a lot of responsibility. When you’re new, people are often trying to work out who you are and how you’ll fit into the system, and the best way to put people at ease is to work diligently to get up to speed as quick as possible.

And most of us have seen what happens to someone who comes into a job in a casual laid back manner and just kinda kicks their feet up. It doesn’t go well.

Consequently, for most of us, when we take on a new job it comes with a lot of pressure in those first few weeks to make an impression.

And that’s just a normal job.

You can imagine the sort of social pressure a monarch would be under in the Anglo Saxon system.

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  1. Versa
    May 12, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Would AEthelflead of been free to remarry after her husbands death? Both AEthelflead and her daughter were single at that point weren’t they? A marriage between either of them and the ruler of Jorvik might of been on the table…. When AEthelstan married his sister to the ‘King’ of Jorvik might he have been honoring a previous agreement?

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