267 – The Southern Expansion

O potent elfleda! Maid, men’s terror!
You did conquer nature’s self; worthy
The name of man! More beauteous nature’s form of
A woman; but your valour shall secure
Man’s higher name. For name you only need
Not sex to change: unconquerable queen,
King rather, who such trophies have obtained!
O virgin and virago both farewell!
No caesar yet such triumphs hath deserved
As you, than any, all, the Caesar’s more renowned!

That’s a translation of a Latin praise poem for AEthelflaed. It was included in the writings of the 12th century scribe, Henry of Huntingdon.

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  1. Can you make it so that when you are listening to earlier episodes, they play the next one instead of the previous one. ei: 1,2,3, not 3,2,1

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