266 – The Rise of AEthelflaed and the Breaking of Northumbria

The Battle of Tettenhall, as we discussed last episode, remains a mystery to us. We aren’t certain of the circumstances that started the battle, exactly where the battle took place, nor which Anglo Saxon leaders actually fought in it. But one thing scholars agree upon is that Mercia and Wessex won a resounding victory – and that this victory meant that the Danes were in for more war.

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  1. I’ve been an avid listener for 2.5 years now, and much of that time i’ve thought “I really should contribute paying for all this amazing synthesis and narrative-ization of complex historical processes”, but just haven’t been financially stable. I’m happy to finally feel able to do this, and hearing my name at the beginning of the episode in the member thank-yous will always make this one somewhat meaningful for that. On the whole, a pretty good one to have as “my” episode, in that way.

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