263 – AEthelflaed and Ingimund

When we left off last episode, war had come to Mercia. Ingimund and his Scandinavian allies abandoned their peace treaty and were seeking to expand their borders, but according to the Irish Annals and the Welsh annals, it wasn’t AEthelred Lord of Mercia who was organizing the defenses. It was AEthelflaed, Queen of the Saxons.

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  1. Finally! I’ve caught up with all the episodes after endless hours of binge listening to all the episodes.
    Amazing job.
    Thanks and cheers!

  2. I’ve just caught up on the main show too and my lovely wife got me a members subscription for Christmas! Happy days!

  3. One of the interesting things is that after planning the seige Ingimund disappears from the records, fragmentory recors, Anglo Saxon Cronicles. (C)…. nothing which is a bit weird.

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