1. Very timely comment on the new era. Throughout all ages, humans have been travelling the world for a better life or for survival. I am looking forward to the French (aka Normans, aka Vikings) invasion. Movements of humans continue even to this day, who knew? Jamie, practice your French pronunciations!

  2. I’m caught up! I listened to the entire BHP, then got a membership and listened to the whole dang thing again! I guess now that I’m caught up I’m off to Decode the News lol.

  3. Great promo! Been a fan since the start of this all, and it’s been a great journey. Thank you, Jamie.

  4. I have a feeling that this should be a promotion of some sort for Visit England! Cause if I hadn’t already been born there I’d be wanting to go after this little tid bit! Great promo, Jamie!

  5. I rember hearing this same music in battle at the river idle when Edwin won back his kingdom! I have searched high and low to find it but I have no idea what it’s from. If anyone can cite it I would love to know!

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