250 – The Year 900

It’s the year 900. We’ve closed out another century, and the 900’s are looking as tumultuous as the 800’s. But before we move forward in our story of our Island – still in many ways at the end of the world – the BHP is going to take a moment to look at what is happening with the rest of human civilization around the globe around the year 900. History, like society, only makes sense with context. A lot was going on for everybody and it all has important implications for how we became the people we are today. This is just a brief snapshot – a way to get our bearings for where Britain sits among the rest of the world’s civilizations. It’s going to be a whirlwind tour – and there are unfortunately still some significant gaps. I’ll point those out as we come to them.

But here we go – the world of 900 CE.

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  1. Outstanding work establishing historical context for so many regions of the world early in the 10th century. Your research diligence shows. Will recommend and retweet!

  2. Really enjoyed this episode and the pull back to look at the world at large – helps put everything in context

  3. Er…what about the Iberian Peninsula, where the Christian kingdoms were solidifying and pushing the Muslims back and the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago de Compostela had already been opened, being a major factor in Christian development throughout the region? And Korea, which was ending the Later Three Kingdoms period and rushing towards unification under the kingdom of Goryeo? And Southeast Asia with the Khmer Empire at full strength and the developing of the magnificent city of Angkor? And the Indian subcontinent? Your overview is quite well done, but I feel that, sorry if I hurt any feelings, things happening, say, in the Iberian Peninsula are much more important for later British and European history in general than what might have been happening or not in Polynesia or Australia. However, this is just my personal take on it, and not debasing the spectacular job you are doing.

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