245 – King Alfred: Infrastructure is Sexy

For the Viking army fleeing Shoebury, there wasn’t much to look forward to in a winter holiday at Chester.

It would be wet. It would be cold. It would be creepy. The old Roman settlement had been abandoned for quite some time, and that probably didn’t sit well with the superstitious danes.

And besides being creepy, Chester promised generally rough living. Sure, it might sit next to farm land and a few small settlements, but this wasn’t the civitas it had once been… the Danes weren’t marching in and setting up in a nice little manor. These were ruins. Old ruins. This was going to be hardcore camping.

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  1. Great stuff again it looks like Alfred always tried a peaceful solution first with violence being a last option. But the danes weren’t having compromise. But it seemed he ALWAYS tried anyway?

  2. Hi Jamie and Dr. Zee, is it not time to do an episode on Anglo-Saxon and Welsh wedding customs? Since you are wearing “torcs”, Danish or Celtic? Best wishes from a Canadian fan!

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