244 – Haesten’s Advance

“Then came the king’s troops, and routed the enemy, broke down the work, took all that was therein money, women, and children and brought all to London. And all the ships they either broke to pieces, or burned, or brought to London or to Rochester.”

That’s what the Chronicle has to say about AEthelred’s siege of Hasten’s fortress at Banfleet. As we spoke about last week, we don’t know how many women and children came with fleet, but it’s clear from the Chronicle that they existed.

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  1. Was it possible to row a longship from the Thames to the Severn before the canal? Or did Haesten have to move the ships over land for a bit?

      1. The account in the Chronicle is so sparse that it isn’t specified. Ables assumed that they went up the Churn or the Coln for a bit, but he also glossed over whether or not they would have had to carry their ships for a bit or whether they might have been some passable waterways or marshlands they could use. I assume they would, but I don’t want to guess and no one I’ve read has made an explicit statement as to what they did there.

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