241 – Haesten

What was Alfred’s reaction to the news of a massive viking fleet crossing the channel? Was it a surprise? Did he just expect it at this point? Was he angry that he would have to fight for his kingdom yet one more time?

Based on his apparent devotion to his religion, I imagine he wondered what they had done to invite yet another test of their faith in the form of bristling war ships.

But in truth, there was nothing he could have done. The Danes were, in many respects, like a natural disaster… but in the case of this fleet, what launched them towards the shores of Wessex was an actual natural disaster.

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  1. Minor point, Regis, as in Milton Regis and numerous other Royal towns I pronounce by we bits as ree-jis. Just like regent. Great podcasts. Signed up today.

  2. Silly question, but what is the version of Paint it Black that is heard at the end of the episode.

  3. Interesting to hear that the Danes were taking their families ie wives and children with them when they went on raids! I cant imagine that was a terribly fun life for them :/

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