238 – A Patchwork of War

The Sons of Rhodri Mawr were in a difficult position. Their father had been a powerful ruler in Britain… he was a man who had gained vast swaths of territory for his dynasty and was one of the few kings in British history that could claim the title of “the great.” Now when he died, there was a period of instability. War had threatened to turn his kingdom… the mighty kingdom of Gwynedd… into nothing more than a Mercian subkingdom. However, Rhodri’s sons proved to be just as ferocious as their father, and they quickly reestablished the independence of North Wales and set their confederation of kingdoms on a path for further expansion. But recent events had presented them with a significant barrier to their ambitions.

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  1. Did anybody else have issues listening to this episode? I get about half a second and then it stops and refuses to go forward.

    1. Hi Rose, it sounds like you might have a corrupted download. Have you tried deleting the file (usually, it’s swiping and selecting delete) and then ensuring the file is completely deleted (not simply marked for deletion). And then redownloading it?

      Alternatively, you can try to listen to it directly from the site to double check. You can also email or send me a twitter message, and we can try to work out what is going wrong.

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