235 – Alfred’s Educational Reforms

One of the interesting things about piecing together the life of Alfred is that we find little windows into who he was in the strangest of places. Most kings of this era didn’t write much down for us to read… but Alfred did. In fact, he translated entire books (which we’re going to talk about today) and he didn’t just translate the books, he included his own thoughts on them as well. For example, in his translation of Pastoral Care by Pope Gregory the Great. Alfred tells us…

“[T]here were happy times then throughout England and… the kings, who had authority over this people, obeyed God and his messengers; and how they not only maintained their peace, morality and authority at home but also extended their territory outside; and how they succeeded both in wisdom and in warfare.”

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  1. Jamie,
    Sadly, I’ve caught up, rather wish now I hadn’t listened to 2-3/ week (bike rides and dog walks.) Really enjoyed the recent couple of episodes with the two English professors on coinage and the Middle Ages, sure wouldn’t mind more of that discussion format especially Zees’ interjections. (Looking forward to checking out her podcast.)
    I know the podcast is all about people, power, and those inter plays, but a lot of it is about process. As a civil engineer, I’m constantly overwhelmed with the scale of human endeavour up to the steam age without the benefit of ‘power anything’. As I’m listening to the podcast I’m constantly asking ‘how’.
    Perhaps at some point in the future an interview with some historical engineer might be in order.

    Keep up,the great work,
    Jeff Straw,
    Calgary, Alberta

    1. I’m sure that will happen during the coverage of Brunel and others. And it’s people heavy at the moment, but don’t forget that I’ve also done entire episodes on construction, clothing, food, etc. I try to give you a taste of how all of this stuff works together.

      I’m glad you enjoy hearing Zee on mic, and I hope you like Decode the News!

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