210 – The Battle of Ashdown

“God, in his goodness and justice so much offended by our sins, had thus worn down the lands and kingdoms of the Christians.”

That’s a quote from Prudentius of Troyes, who was struggling to explain why the Franks met abysmal failure every time they fought the Scandinavians. While that quote came from from across the channel, and was written years before the disaster at the Battle of Reading, it gives us the lens that the Christians of Western Europe used to view these events. It’s surprising how many writers from this period, when looking at these events, look to the Bible for an explanation and see things in terms of divine retribution or divine intervention. That Biblical perspective is something I want you to keep in mind when you hear the story I’m going to tell you today.

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  1. Another great episode.

    What is the soundtrack for the battle narrative? And in general, do you write the script with a specific music in mind, or do you chose later?

    1. That was the soundtrack to Pacific Rim. And it really depends. This time, I originally was going to use DMX – X Gon’ Give it to ya. But once I was finished I realized that it wouldn’t work and did a last minute substitution on the fly. ;)

      1. I think the new choice was spectacular. It was hard not to get caught up in the euphoria that must have enveloped the folks from Wessex when they finally won one. Though, as always, you didn’t lose sight of the motivations and feelings that must have been prevalent among the GHA guys.

        Man, I sure am glad that everything’s smooth sailing from here on out for Aethelred, Alfred, and the gang. They’ve been through a lot.

  2. Cracker episode. I’ve become a member on the back of it. Altogether a totally “Cool bananas!” podcast. Can’t wait for the next one …

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