201 – East Anglia’s Danegeld

Here we are, with a new king in Wessex. King AEthelred, son of AEthelwulf, was now sitting the throne. He was in his 20s, and despite having a large family back when he was a child… now his only family left were his wife… Queen Wulfthryth (and good on you Wulfthryth for insisting on being given the title of Queen… other than that, we don’t know much about her, but the fact that she was listed as queen, and her name, has lead some scholars to suspect that she was Mercian. You’ll remember that the Mercians were a bit less restrictive on women in power than their southern cousins).

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  1. The description of death by starvation was pretty dark! One question kept popping up; why would the vikingr accept the tenants? Wouldn’t that mean less for the rest of everyone else? Or where the numbers what were important to the vikingr leaders?

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