190 – House (of Wessex): Everybody Lies

This episode is going to be a bit different from most, because I’m going to be addressing something which has been bugging me about the 800s, and Wessex in particular. I feel like I haven’t done a good job pointing something out. So I’m going to explain something crucial about the house of Wessex and Alfred the Great that most of you – unless you have a PhD in Anglo-Saxon history or obsessively read dense scholarly books on this era – will have never heard before.

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  1. Great podcast! Glad to hear you survived the steak and kidney pie…but um…not sure how one ever gets a hankering for that! ;-)

    1. Thanks! I was really worried about this one (I’m always worried when I get into critical thinking/theoretical matters) so it’s really good to hear that it was well received.

      And I think you have to grow up on Steak and Kidney pie. It seems to be an acquired taste. My partner cant even stand the smell of it.

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