189 – What on earth is an English

This episode is going to be a little different from most episodes. We’re going to break from the main story briefly and talk in larger terms about what is going on in Eastern Britain, because I realized that my slavish attention to the main storyline has probably allowed you to miss something truly astounding. And really, it’s hard to see unless you are given an overview that highlights it. But it’s really important for understanding what is happening on the island, what will continue to happen, and why these people are doing what they’re doing.

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  1. I rather enjoy these episodes. Puts things more into perspective for me. So used to to thinking of nations as always existing. Can be hard to think back to a time before such a concept existed. That was one thing I got from reading up on the Roman (Caesar in particular) exploits in Gaul and Britannia, the lack of a centralized identity that existed in the people as a whole besides, perhaps religion or general culture.

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