188 – Rebellion and Succession in the Kingdom of Wessex

Before we begin, I’d like to address something from our last episode. I told you about reports of Vikingr armies marching around the countryside near the Wrekin. I offered a variety of methods of reaching the Wrekin, all of which would have involved quite a bit of work. However, as some of you have noted on Facebook and Twitter, I left out the possibility that they may have gone up the River Severn. And I have no excuse for this one, I completely forgot the Severn. I don’t know why, but I did. I’m human, sometimes errors happen and all I can do is make a correction in the subsequent episode. So yeah, those Vikingrs patrolling the Wrekin may have sailed all the way around Wessex and Cornwall, or sailed through the Irish sea, past Wales, and then rowed up the Severn. That would certainly get them much closer to the Wrekin than, say, landing in East Anglia and marching. So fair point. We aren’t given details of how they got there, but that is definitely a possibility.

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