187 – The Queen of Wessex: aka The Worst Midlife Crisis Ever

It’s Christmas day 854. King AEthelweard of East Anglia, a king who we know almost nothing about, is dead. The only evidence we really have that he was alive in the first place are his coins, and this is likely due to the fact that, throughout the Viking Age, succeeding bands of Scandinavian pyromaniacs destroyed the East Anglian written records. But coins don’t burn all that well, so at least we have that.

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  1. Walking around Norfolk (on what was the isle of Flegg) you come across “Blood Hill”. Tradition tell of a bloody dark age battle, but that’s all.
    As its close to Winterton it could date back to King Winta of Lindsay.
    Have you come across a battle that would fit apart from any Saxon/Viking raid?

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