184 – The Chaos of Bad Governance

When we left off last time we discussed the viking raids of Paris and Hamburg… though they were far more than the raids we’d seen in the last 40-50 years. Now we’re looking at fleets that number in the hundreds and we’re seeing the nobility on the continent, especially the Frankish nobility, hiring many of these men as mercenaries to fight against their local rivals.

Western Europe is unravelling.

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  1. After 9 months of obsessional listening I have finally caught up. I love your in depth detail you give to every episode. I am impressed how many episodes you have on The Anglo-Saxons, and you have only just got to the birth of Alfred. Most British history books only do a chapter on the Anglo-Saxons, before getting going at 1066.

    You have inspired me to try my own history blog.
    Best wishes Athelred!


  2. I keep giggling at AEthelweard. I know it’s juvenile, but I’ve listened more than once and keep giggling.

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