180 – The Cracks in the Shieldwall

It’s 838. Only two years earlier the West Saxons were defeated by a fleet of Vikingrs, and they responded to this loss the way you would expect them to… by completely ignoring the loss and, instead, focusing on dynastic politics and making endowments to the church at Canterbury.

And now another fleet of Vikingrs was sailing south, towards their allies in Cornwall.

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    1. Because Vikingr was the correct term for it. It’s the same reason why I use Werod when talking about the old Anglo Saxon warbands.

    1. Thank you so much for supporting the show. And as for the banning, I’m not sure, but our podcast feed is locked down by the great firewall (though not our main page) so maybe they aren’t fans of podcast feeds or history podcast feeds? It’s unclear.

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