168 – The Fall of Mercia

When we left off, King Beornwulf was reigning over Mercia. Beornwulf was the beginning of the creatively named B-Dynasty, due to the fact that Anglo Saxons seemed to denote their dynasties by selecting the same first letters for their kids. So Beornwulf had two kids named Berhfrith and Behrtric, a brother named Bynna, and it’s thought that Baldred was his kinsman.

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  1. I laughed way harder than I should have listening to this episode. It is really interesting, but the music! It makes the story memorable and repeatable, and for that I thank you. Please keep up the hard work.

  2. I’d become a pretty big Mercian fanboy ever since Penda… sad to hear it all going downhill for ’em. Maybe Offa should have killed less (or more?) people.

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