156 – An Offa Marriage

When we left off things were looking pretty good for Mercia. Wessex was now acting as a subkingdom, with their King (Beohtric) married to Offa’s daughter… Kent was thoroughly dominated, East Anglia appears to have been brought fully under Offa’s control. Really, Offa’s only neighbors that he didn’t have command over, appear to have been the Northumbrians and the Welsh. He had his own Archbishopric located in Lichfield, the Papacy was interested in maintaining a good relationship with Mercia. All in all, it was pretty good.

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  1. Jamie, sorry but Charlemagne was obsessive with his daughters (both legitimate and illegitimate). The only three daughters that had offspring (Rotrude, Bertha, and Hiltrude) never married. Their offspring, in all cases, were from liaisons about which their father was not aware until the pregnancies were evident. The majority of his daughters were Nuns…so…you know…

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