123 – Retail Therapy: The Rise of Anglo Saxon Towns

Alright, lets get to history. Specifically, lets talk about towns. And to start with, lets establish a couple terms I’m going to be using a lot. When I talk about towns and cities, what I’m largely talking about are larger communities that have a permanent population of traders and craftsmen and whose economy is focused largely upon trade. Conversely, villages are smaller communities that are built largely around agriculture. Villages might have more land than a town, but their population density will be much less (by nature of the work they do and the amount of arable land they require) and their economies tend to be more localized and based upon subsistence when compared with towns and cities.

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  1. B.
    July 4, 2014 at 5:23 am

    Regarding southern pronunciation, I was in London last weekend, and at one point I had to ask for directions at at train station. What sounded to me like “Eesrom” actually turned out to be “East Croydon” !

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