120 – Penda and Oswiu: The Winwaed

So when we last left off, things were going crazy in the North and in the Midlands. But the very last thing I mentioned was that Honorius, the Archbishop of Canterbury, had died. Well, his seat remained vacant for about six months until March 26, 654 (or maybe 655) when a new Archbishop was ordained. Archbishop Deusdedit… and since Deus means god in Latin, I can only assume that Deusdedit translates to God Did It.

Ok all joking aside, Deusdedit ALMOST means god did it… his name actually translates to God Has Given.

But what I’m getting at is that his name was… you know… humble.

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  1. I just about died at the listings of Penda’s accomplishments at the end. My husband, who hasn’t listened, asked why I was laughing so hard, so I played it for him. I think he may be hooked.

  2. I was really bummed that Penda died :(
    I was kind of hoping that, even though he was surprised, that we was going to kick some kingly butt and then aggravate Oswiu even more.

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