144 – King Ceolred: A Lunatic Running the Asylum

Ok, so recently we’ve chatted about some cultural matters and I’ve also given you a broad overview of the failed dynastic politics of Northumbria and where this is all headed. But we really didn’t cover too much of what was going on elsewhere. We hinted at it, but I’m sure you’re curious about the other heavy hitter in England. Mercia. As Northumbria lost steam faster than a boy band approaching its 30’s… Were the Mercians going through a similar collapse?

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  1. Did you ever think of a really clever question, but then as you were typing it out, you realized you had confused some basic things? and your question now made no sense? I just did that here. Glad this is on the Internet, not in a lecture hall or I’d have a bunch of classmates laughing at me right now. (for the record I was confusing the Yffingas and the Iclingas.

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