142 – The Failed Dynastic Politics of Mercia and Northumbria

Now today is going to be a little complex. But if you keep the theme in mind, you should be largely ok… and that theme is the bloody dynastic politics in the midlands and the north are getting completely out of hand. And Wilfrid is Wilfrid.

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  1. Its coming known now the importance of the Royal Estate oh Hitchin was to the Mercian Kings. This was a fortifide town that held the gap in the Chiltern hills and the crossing of the River Lea that was the route to London. This was the area held by the Hicca tribe (Welsh speaking) and were King Offa died in his palace at Offley. This area is still involved with the Royal Family and was where Henry V111 was shown how to use the bow & arrow. PS. There was a Welsh speaking community here until the late Middle Ages.

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