111 – Edwin: What Goes Around Comes Around

That’s something I’ve heard my entire life. When I was younger and picked on at school my father would sometimes say “Don’t worry, Jamie, what goes around comes around.” The problem with that bit of advice is that it requires a sense of fairness in the world that isn’t always there… not to mention a tremendous amount of patience that is short supply when you’re a small awkward kid being picked on and simply want some sort of justice.

But sometimes it does happen… sometimes what goes around does come around.

Ok, so why am I talking about this?

Well… let’s have a very quick review of what has happened with Edwin.

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    1. No, actually, I don’t.

      However, it is intensely normalized in how we discuss it in our modern era and the only way to point out the mindset that the people might have been in during the conversion period is to point out how strange things like infant baptisms in the great outdoors would be to someone who had spent their entire life worshiping Thunor or Woden. And how traumatizing it might be to have two of your children die during such an event. That’s not hatred of a religion, that’s just discussing human nature and what happened.

      Frankly, I’m a little insulted.

      1. I am a little late to the conversation but it is both interesting and jarring to hear how you try to give us the pagan Saxon mindset. I mean this in a good way.

        You are right that today we have so normalized our view of what Christianity is and it so permeates our culture that to hear a “pagan” view point, or at least a reasonable facsimile, that it shakes us up. Which is good.

        I say this as someone who is a Christian on the more theologically right-wing side of things. Please keep up the good work.

  1. Alternate take on the Cadwallon-Edwin dynamic: I can easily imagine the young Cadwallon being less than kind to Edwin during the time Edwin was in Gwynned. I mean Cadwallon was in line for the throne, a throne that was still actually held by his family. At the time, Edwin might have looked to Cadwallon like nothing more than a loser who was mooching off his family. And while King Iago might have accepted Edwin, Cadwallon could still have found countless ways to remind Edwin of the difference in their stations. Just a thought.

  2. The recap at the start of this episode was much appreciated! So much is going on, and even brief recaps help me keep everything straight and resist the urge to take notes. You are an excellent teacher as well as a storyteller, and I find myself talking to all my friends and relatives about the interesting things I learn in your show.

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